Data Entry Operator - Micronet Global Services Job Vacancies 2023

Data Entry Operator - Micronet Global Services Job Vacancies 2023

(For a well reputed bank in Kollupitiya)*

Qualifications & Prerequisites :

  • Female candidates.
  • Passed G.C.E. O/L & A/L.
  • Passed GCE O/L with credit pass for English.
  • Age Below 25.
  • Excellent computer literacy.
  • Fluency in English and Sinhala is must.
  • School leavers are encouraged to apply.

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How To Apply

Please forward your CV to with applied location on the subject line.


29,500/- + OT

What is Data Entry Operator Job

A data entry operator is in charge of entering, checking, and updating various kinds of data into databases or computer systems. A great degree of accuracy, focus, and speed are necessary for this work. Operators of data entry do work in a variety of sectors, including retail, healthcare, and finance, and their job responsibilities may change according on the industry they are employed in.

The following are some typical duties of a data entry operator:

  1. Data entry entails entering several kinds of information, including customer data, inventory information, financial data, and more, into computer systems.
  2. Verifying data accuracy: Data entry workers need to make sure the data they enter is accurate and error-free. To ensure accuracy, they might need to cross-check the data with information from other sources or run quality checks.
  3. Updating and maintaining databases: To keep data current and accurate, data entry operators may need to update and manage databases.
  4. Data entry workers may be required to handle private information, such as medical records or financial information, in particular sectors, such as healthcare or finance. To maintain the security of this information, they are required to adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines.
  5. Interacting with other departments: To correct any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the data, data entry operators may need to interact with employees of other departments or teams.

Depending on the business and industry, different skills may be needed to be a data entry operator. Data entry operators should, however, typically have outstanding keyboarding and typing abilities, high attention to detail, and the capacity to operate under pressure. They might also need strong communication abilities because they might have to interact with different teams or departments.

Overall, for people who are good at typing, pay attention to detail, and can work under pressure, a job as a data entry operator can be a great opportunity. With more training and experience, there may be potential for development into more senior roles, making this employment an useful entry point into a variety of sectors.

Please Read The Details Carefully And Apply And Visit The Official Website Below For More Details.

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Closing Date 2023/07/04
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