Receptionist - Vision Care Job Vacancies 2023

Receptionist - Vision Care Job Vacancies 2023

Requirements :

  • Young and energetic females between 20 - 28 years of age with G.C.E. O/L or ALL qualifications.
  • Good interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Experience in similar capacity will be a definite advantage.

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How To Apply

Please forward your resume including a recent photograph to the below e-mail address.

About Seylan Bank

A well-known eye care company in Sri Lanka, Vision Care is committed to providing people all throughout the nation with comprehensive and excellent vision care services. With a focus on professionalism, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology, Vision Care has become a reputable name in the field of eye care.

As a nation that recognizes the benefits of good eye health, Vision Care is essential in ensuring that individuals of all ages have access to first-rate eye care services. The business runs a network of modern eye care facilities and optical showrooms that are well-placed in Sri Lanka's largest cities and towns. These facilities provide state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a staff of highly qualified ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.

Complete eye exams are one of the main services offered by Vision Care. These tests are performed by licensed optometrists who evaluate the overall condition of the eyes, measure visual acuity, and check for a number of eye diseases such refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Vision Care assists people in maintaining clear vision and halting the progression of eye illnesses by spotting potential problems at an early stage.

Vision Care provides a comprehensive range of optical solutions in addition to eye exams to meet the various demands of its clients. In their optical showrooms, a wide selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and other vision aids from reputable companies are on display. Customers can select the ideal eyewear that blends fashion, comfort, and the best vision correction with the help of knowledgeable opticians.

Providing specialized contact lens fittings is another area of expertise for Vision Care. The knowledgeable optometrists evaluate the specific needs of each patient and recommend contact lenses that provide exact vision correction and maximum comfort. In order to ensure that clients may have clear vision and a hassle-free wearing experience, they offer advice on proper contact lens usage, care, and maintenance.

Additionally, Vision Care provides specialty services like vision rehabilitation, low vision aids, and pediatric eye care. These services address particular requirements, such as the early identification and treatment of eye disorders in children, support for people with visual impairments, and therapy therapies to enhance visual cognition and coordination.

Recognizing the value of outreach and education to the community, Vision Care regularly participates in campaigns and efforts to promote eye health. They hold seminars, workshops, and instructional campaigns on subjects like appropriate eye hygiene, eye disease prevention, and eye care. A healthier society with better eye health is one that is made possible by vision care's contribution to increasing awareness and education about the topic.

In conclusion, Vision Care Sri Lanka is the nation's top supplier of complete eye care services. With their cutting-edge facilities, qualified staff, and dedication to quality, they work to guarantee that people of all ages have access to top-notch vision treatment. eyesight Care is essential in developing and preserving excellent eyesight for Sri Lankans through their wide range of services, which include eye exams, optical solutions, contact lens fittings, and specialty treatments.

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Closing Date 2023/05/26

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