Recruitment of National Teaching Diploma holders into Sri Lanka Teacher service 2023

Recruitment of National Teaching Diploma holders into Sri Lanka Teacher service 2023

* The National Colleges of Education (NCOE) uses an online method to collect data for the teaching appointments of the 2018/2020 batch of diploma recipients.

  • As a result, the online system, which can be accessed via the web address below, will be available from 2023.04.21 to 2023.04.25. It is strongly encouraged to use the system's instructions when finishing the application.

For Attention :

  • In order enter to the online system an applicant shall need to create an user account with a user name (NIC number) and password. It is mandatory to remember your User Name and Password until you are acknowledged about your placement in school or province.
  • Further the applicants are allowed only once to submit the completed application to the online system and shall not get a chance to amend the details provided. Therefore submitting the application, applicants must carefully read and understand the instructions given in the instruction sheet.
  • However the applicants can any time log in to the online system using their user name and password during the period which it is open to access and view the submitted application.
  • Placement shall be made according to the merit order in results sheet provided by the National Institute of Education giving priority to the province that considered when you are enrolled to NCOE.
  • Even if you have not conveyed your preference, the applicants who have obtained the lowest rank in the merit order respective subject will be placed of the relevant subject to fill the essential vacancies considering the service requirement, and also if the vacancies available in your province are not sufficient, you will be directed to another province where there are vacancies.
  • Further, placements will be made only for the confirmed vacancies and the request letters submitted by the principals will not be considered in any way.
  • Please use the email address instead of the email address given in sech on 1.4 of the instruction form.
  • As the placement of diploma holders are made strictly following the foresaid procedure only based on the merit order provided by the NIE, it is especially advice you to avoid getting caught by fraudsters who try to get money by promising to give you the preferred workplace as you are looking for.

Download Sinhala Instructions

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Download Tamil Instructions

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Download English Instructions

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Online Application Link

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Further details can be consulted on the official website of the Ministry of Education.

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Application Period 2023.04.21 to 2023.04.25

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